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8 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Never Fail You

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8 Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Never Fail You

Not getting enough sales? Or perhaps you need more engagement, or probably a billion followers, yeah that last one might not happen in a while, but whatever your goals are a good marketing strategy as always, will not only get you in the door but it will get you the sale.

Digital marketing is a tough nut to crack if you don’t know your onions, and even if you do, if you don’t stay afloat the market you would soon go under. Due to the ridiculous amount of electronic marketing that is flooding the internet if you don’t stand apart, you would fall below.

A good question then becomes what can I do to stay afloat the market?

Here are eight super strategies that will keep you at the top for the most of 2019,

  1. Good Old Video

Digital Video ads are quickly becoming the norm, with the number of YouTube users recently crossing 1.3 billion with 5 billion videos being watched every day and the super fun 1-minute Instagram videos that we keep re-watching it looks like video ads are here to stay.


The good thing about video is that it can be easily transformed into other forms of electronic content which is what digital marketing is all about. You can transpose video into, text, podcast, short articles, quotes, and infographics. Plus, video keeps people more engaged and it grabs attention quickly. This can be really helpful when you need leads.

  1. Not So Popular Influencers

When you hear influencer marketing, what comes to mind is probably a very popular celebrity. But getting one of those influencers to post your content is going to cost you. What you should rather do is to get the so not popular influencers, the ones that have a rich following of diverse people possibly in the millions or lower.

Once you identify those influencers, get engaged with their content, add value to them and then you can build a relationship and have them do it as a favour.

  1. Facebook, And Instagram Ads

These platforms as underpriced as they are, are grossly overlooked. Right now these two platform are killing it, about 2 billion people are on Instagram and Facebook. The ridiculous amount of data that goes in and out of Facebook is what you need to target the right audience and for cheap. If you are not already using this powerful tool, then this is for you.

  1. Original Ideas

Its 2019, the internet is more saturated than it has ever been, that means if you are not creating original content and are just ripping off some other person’s content or idea, then your funnel or content will not scale. In a world of 7.5 billion people it is so damn easy to get lost in the 4.62 billion webpages and 1 billion websites.

You have to be unique to drive home your point. This cannot be over emphasized. Find a way to make yourself and your products stand out and you would be surprised at how much more impact you will make and how easily you would scale.


  1. People Are Driven by Results

Lilo Perth also mentioned this – that hard facts, results and stories move people, we usually find something we can connect to and this is because we are social animals we tend to form associations and alliances. Find a unique story to promote your products and message with. It’s called a brand story, build a brand story. When it comes down to results, show them, if you don’t have results or proof you would make very little sale. Most people will believe anything associated with money online is a scam or untrue, Your results have to make them think otherwise.


  1. Build A Brand Not a Product

“Brands last forever, products do not.” That is the only thing you have to remember, when you build a brand around our business, you would be relevant forever and you would always be trending. Who doesn’t like trending? It’s a no-brainer, when you have a brand you can always charge more but what is even more important than building a brand is innovation, brands have been known to crumble like the old roman empire.

  1. Always Be Innovating

The riskiest game you can play is to refuse to innovate. Remember what happened to SEARS, to survive this digital age you have to be constantly innovating, constantly cutting edge, constantly beating the odds every time. That means your SEO optimization is always ahead with improved algorithms, your landing pages are fresh and trendy, your email newsletters are concise, short but sweet, your content is built like a horse original and valuable. You have to stay constantly ahead of the market and always bring your A-game.

  1. Deliver Real Value

The Single Most concrete reason why you are not getting marketing right is because your content sucks. Even the greatest funnel will not sell bad content, and even if it sells it will only sell once and your customers will be clamoring for refunds. You don’t want that, you want to sell, sell and sell some more. Deliver real value with your content, let your customers feel like you have added value to their life, let them be proud of your product. Once you are able to nail this you will get tons of return buyers, good referrals and wonderful testimonials, which are always great for business.

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