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What Furniture Is Needed for a Salon? Here’s Our Essential Hair & Beauty Salon Furniture List


What Furniture Is Needed for a Salon? Here’s Our Essential Hair & Beauty Salon Furniture List

Hair & Beauty Salon Furniture list is an important part of any business. You will need to create a layout plan for your salon, which includes all the different pieces of furniture that you need. This article will outline the essential items on our list and show you how to create your own design, so that you can choose the right furniture for your salon.

Manicure tables

Manicure tables are the most important piece of furniture in a salon. They’re where clients can relax and be pampered, and they’re also where the manicurist works. Because of this, it’s vital that your manicure table is comfortable and ergonomic so that both you and your clients feel good during their visit with you.

Manicure tables come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and materials–and they range in price from cheap to expensive depending on what features they offer (or don’t). In general, though we recommend getting a model that has adjustable height as well as removable arms so that it can fit into small spaces easily when not in use by customers or employees alike!

Beauty trolleys

When you’re looking for Hair & Beauty Salon Furniture, a beauty trolley is a portable storage unit that can be used to store beauty products. It is usually made of metal and has wheels to allow it to be moved around easily.

Beauty trolleys are often found in salons and hairdressers, but they can also be purchased by other industries such as medical practices or schools, as they have many uses outside of the beauty industry.

Hair & Beauty Salon Furniture

Pedicure stools

Pedicure stools are an essential part of any salon. They provide comfort and support while you’re working on your client’s feet, and they make it easy to have a footrest at the right height for pedicures.

Pedicure stools should be comfortable enough that clients will want to sit in them all day without feeling sore or stiff afterwards. Some people prefer padding on their seats while others prefer a hard surface so they can feel what they’re doing with their hands more easily. You’ll want one or two different types available depending on your clientele preferences.

Make sure that your pedicure stools come with footrests so clients can rest their feet comfortably while getting pampered by you or another member of staff! If possible, choose models that have adjustable heights so everyone feels comfortable during their treatments (some people may prefer higher seats than others). 

You might also want some sort of cushioning around where someone’s knees rest against these chairs–this helps keep them comfortable throughout their visit!

Waiting benches

Waiting benches are a useful piece of furniture for salons. They provide seating for customers waiting to be seen by a stylist, and they can also be used to store products and equipment. If you have multiple stylists at your salon, waiting benches are an excellent way of keeping everything organized so that all staff members know where everything is at all times.

Salon styling chairs

Salon styling chairs are the most important piece of furniture in your salon. They’re where you’ll spend most of your time, so it’s important to choose a chair that’s comfortable and ergonomic. You should also make sure that it has all the features you need for styling services such as dryer attachments and adjustable height settings.

Salon styling chairs come in two main types: hydraulic or mechanical/pneumatic (air-powered). Hydraulic models use water pressure to raise and lower the seat; mechanical/pneumatic ones use air pressure to do this instead–this makes them more durable than hydraulic ones over time because there’s less wear on moving parts like pistons or hinges when using an air-powered system rather than water pressure alone.[1]

Salon reception desks

The reception desk is the first thing your customers see when they enter your salon. It’s important that it be welcoming, inviting and functional. The best way to achieve this is by having a well-organized reception desk with everything easily accessible from behind the countertop.


We hope this article has given you some ideas about what Hair & Beauty Salon Furniture is needed in a salon. In our experience, the most important thing is to make sure that your customers have somewhere comfortable to sit while they’re waiting for their appointment. 

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