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Looking for the stylist Armchairs? Check out Best 5 types first!



Looking for the stylist Armchairs? Check out Best 5 types first!

Have your eyes ever star-struck with the beautiful tufted chair in a furniture shop without being aware of what was the style of that chair is?

Look no further!

Today, we will discuss the top-most types of armchairs Melbourne.

So let’s get started!

Accent Chair

Comfort and Style come hand in hand with an accent chair. You may further find various types of accent chairs out there, and Eiffel accent chair is one of them.

The Eiffel base Accent Chair has legs that look like the Eiffel tower. Low height and support to the back make this chair utmost comfortable.

Diamond Chair – This chair has a unique design. You can enhance its looks by simply placing a cushion on it. A diamond chair is suitable for your garden area as well to create an impression.

Lounge Chair

Lounge chair a.k.a. wing back chair, as the name suggests, is meant for your lounge. They are generally the statement furniture in a room.

Decor tip: Add some drama in your bedroom with a lounge chair. Just paint a wall with any bold colour then place a lounge chair towards one end along with a small coffee table or task light.

Swan Chair – Want to get a retro feeling in terms of lounge design? Swan chair is all you need. Whether it’s an office or living room, swan chair is going to enhance the entire look. For an office, swan chair is relaxing for employees who are working for hours.


Bergere is a French word which means an upholstered armchair enclosing the soft padding cover. This chair looks elegant and majestic. Apart from its looks, Bergere provides the necessary relief for your arms as well as back.

Decor tip: Place the Bergere chair against a tall window with eye-soothing green in the background. This sight can behold anyone. Oh so calming!

Egg Chair – This chair is perfect for a room with a high ceiling as it adds a bold element.

Decor tip: Most of the people have that corner in their homes, which is lying open and seems unnoticeable. Place egg chair there and see the difference for yourself.


This chair is the same as that of the Berger except that Fauteuil’s sides are open. Its wooden frame is mostly exposed (except for the seat part), unlike Bergere.

Decor tip: For small spaces, place two fauteuil chairs with a coffee table and see how your room looks spacious.

So which type did you like the most? Whichever chair you choose for your home it will enhance your interior for sure.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, chairs are much more than a place to sit. You can keep your Home Concepts easy and attractive by purchasing the furniture which is authentic and beautiful in its way. For better understanding and more home décor ideas, consulting experts is a great idea. Just get in touch with an experienced furniture vendor and explain your desires. They will lead you to the right chair type for sure.

So, do it now!

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