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Know Why Custom Timber Vanity is the Best Option for Bathroom

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Know Why Custom Timber Vanity is the Best Option for Bathroom

Bathrooms are traditionally the strongest rooms in any home and are filled with materials such as tiles, glass, mirrors, pottery and polished concrete. Adding wood to your room, such as vanities, shaving cabinets, and shelves always adds warmth and luxury to the spa. 

Why timber vanity is the best option for a bathroom?

The vanity is usually made of materials such as laminates and melamine. The great thing about these materials is that they are made of plastic and are impermeable to water. However, if these surfaces are scratched, the barrier disappears and water quickly destroys the surface.  With a natural oil and wax finish, the water-resistant oil is absorbed by the wood, providing deeper protection as well as the surface. 

  • An additional advantage of the finishing solid wood washbasin over the replacement is that the surface can be repaired with light sand and refuelled in the event of scratches. 
  • The most popular custom timber vanity design these days is the floating vanity. There are some structural issues that need to be clarified to the builder during the building or renovation planning phase so that the walls can support the weight of the vanity. Adding a few horizontal pieces before plastering can help to provide support to the walls. 
  • There are endless benefits of a custom-made washbasin, especially when made with solid wood can go far beyond the warm and timeless aesthetics. With a fixed surface, solid wood vanity tops are more durable than all other options, making them a beautiful choice now and in the future.
  • Nothing beats the sight and feel of natural wood. Solid wood is a popular bathroom cabinet material, but it is not the best option. Because humidity variations in bathrooms cause even the best quality of wood to expand and contract in many cases. This expansion develops cracks over time, reducing the cabinet’s lifetime.
  • While solid wood cabinets can be protected from cracks, they are also extremely expensive. Solid wood cabinets should not be considered unless cost is not an issue.

How timber vanity with MDF makes the perfect vanity unit for your bathroom? 

Whether you’re planning to modernize your vanity or update your bathroom, you’ve probably heard the term HMR board. HMR is an abbreviation for “high moisture resistance” and is the best material for vanity units. Especially in the bathroom, a large amount of moisture, steam and water is sprayed on the bathroom furniture every day. 

Nowadays, the majority of reputed companies use MDF as it is used for furniture doors and drawers to increase stability, and chipboard is lightweight as it is used for the rest of the vanity. However, all vanities are nowadays based on HMR. The absence of chemicals prevents exposure to formaldehyde. It prevents the growth of mould and bacteria in the panel, which is an indispensable function for closets used in humid places such as bathrooms. Two layers of paint are applied to the HMR plate and coated with 2 PAC polyurethane (a mixture of polyurethane plastic and hardener).

Wrapping-up:  Hope you found the above article useful in making the custom timber bed project successful. The bathroom area is likely to be more moist and wet throughout the day hence, it is important to choose durable materials and accessories for the bathroom project.

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