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Know About the Timber Care and Maintenance

Timber Flooring Melbourne

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Know About the Timber Care and Maintenance

Timber flooring Melbourne is widely used now a days in every commercial and domestic use. But everything from tables and chairs to sofas and daily necessities can hurt our investment. Unprotected furniture can drag dirt and debris into the flooring. Heavy furniture increases the risk of floor damage. It’s a good idea to make the legs of the chair and furniture more friendly to the wooden floor-that’s how it works. 

Whether it’s the warmth of rich carpeting, a gorgeous dining table, or a kitchen bench, nothing beats the beauty and feel of genuine wood. However, because timber is a finish that requires some maintenance, here’s how to keep yours looking great for years to come.

  • Furniture protection type:

A common type of chair leg protection is a furniture cover. Furniture pads are another soft material that is usually placed under the legs of a chair. There are different types of protective pads on the legs of a chair, each with different costs and protection. 

  • Nail / screw pad

These types of upholstery are usually fairly safe as they are attached to the legs of the furniture with nails or screws. The screw-in pad uses a completely different material to create a soft contact with the wooden floor. Be aware that depending on the type of wooden floor, the consequences of improper installation can harm the wooden floor.

Timber Flooring Melbourne

  • Peel / Stick pad

These pads can be attached to furniture legs by simply pasting felt or rubber pads. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long as nail / screw-on or slip-on pads. They are available almost everywhere and are usually the cheapest. 

  • Slip-on pad

These pads may not fit in a stylish interior, but it’s okay to fall off like a peel / stick pad or scratch a wooden floor like a broken nail / screw pad. 

  • Your soil type is important: 

Most furniture pads are sold as universal pads for all types of floors, but some furniture pads are significantly better than other types of floors. Common materials used to decorate furniture are felt, rubber, cork, plastic, and metal. Pay particular attention to furniture decoration, as exposure can damage the floor. Wipe the floor with warm, non-hot water and squeeze the mop to avoid overusing the liquid. Do not use steam cleaners as they will damage the protective coating on the floorboards. Water can penetrate and damage the floorboards. 

To restore the natural darkness of laminate flooring Melbourne, use curtains or blinds in sunny rooms and try moving the carpet to avoid major differences around the edges of the room. When served at the table, use a heating mat, board or tray under the vase or potted plant to protect the surface of the tree from water and heat damage. The edges of wooden furniture are the weakest part of the material and can be damaged if they hit the edges. Completely close the doors and drawers to protect the corners from small objects. Following above things can help to preserve the longevity of the timber flooring.

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