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How to get your home back in shape after the end of the lease?

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How to get your home back in shape after the end of the lease?

Having an end of lease or just a desperate need to clean your home before someone has set foot in it is always super stressful because you have to finalize everything, sell all your unused items, and find temporary housing for the next weeks!

What are some important guidelines for end-of-lease cleaning?

When you’re moving out of your apartment, one of your most important tasks will be cleaning it up.

Most people don’t bother with these tasks until they have to, and typically need End of lease cleaning Adelaide professional help to do so. Usually, this means hiring an outside company to clean your apartment, but there are a few handy guidelines that can help you get the job done without incurring high costs. 

It may be too time-consuming or messy to keep up with mopping and vacuuming on a daily basis, so try doing something every night after work like running the dishwasher or binning recyclables.

 Another good strategy is taking advantage of free rental trash bins in some parts of the city for short-term storage. Make sure when you’re done with a task that everything is put back neatly and then deeply vacuumed before vacuuming again later on. 

Avoid paying overage costs when possible because after all, to many landlords this seems like an easy way to make extra money. Having a clean and healthy home means more money that can be spent on food and other necessities. A little kindness goes a long way.

Which items should be removed from your home after a lease ends?

Many people find themselves coming home to a dark, dirty, and probably smelly home with an empty fridge when their lease is over.

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If you aren’t capable of furnishing your new place right away, or if there are a few rooms where you’ll just have to live as they are, there are a few items that you should remove from your home before giving them away. You don’t want to leave a lot of clutter in the house for the new tenant because they might get suspicious.

Cleaning tips and tricks

The first step to cleaning is gauging where your messes are so that you can reduce them now and avoid future ones. Using the checklist and visualizing how things were like before you overuse them will help you in determining ways to keep them clean. 

This is one effective way that helps with anxiety regarding heavy cleaning work when one feels like they are facing a deadline to clean. The countdown approach by spreading the dirty work into more days will reduce massive amounts of stress often associated with time-related cleaning urgency. 

Regular exercise prepares one for coping with physical and stressful conditions and it definitely boosts mental wellness too. When you feel stressed, removing extra stress starts with simple kitchen prep before cleaning messes. This is not very hard but some personal care tasks bear to be done every single day may tend to exasperate one’s anxiety or minimize it


Most landlords will require it, take the time to do a deep cleaning of your End of lease cleaning Adelaide contract so that every word is spelled correctly. Carefully make copies of the actual lease have them translated or read in their language if different from English, noting any changes to the terms or subletting policies and write out a legible list for who has written which parts and who changed it. If there are any disputes about what was written on the original contract is ideal to have them color-coded and allow your lease company representatives to review both copies so you can point out any places where they’ve made a mistake.

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