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How Pipes Burst, and What Can Be the Results of Burst Pipes?

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How Pipes Burst, and What Can Be the Results of Burst Pipes?

The piping system is a critical component of any structure, and if it fails to work properly, the structure can become unusable. The structure can be your building, house or office. There are pipes that carry in clean water, and some that extract waste from the house. Pipes may develop a number of issues that necessitate the services of a plumber. Burst pipes Melbourne are inconvenient because they disrupt the activities that are supposed to take place in a building. After pipes burst, businesses may suffer losses, and property may be damaged. As a result, it’s critical to contact an emergency plumber as soon as possible to address the issue.

In case you want to know how the pipes burst and what happens as a result of it then below is some useful information that might make sense to you:

How Pipes Burst?

  • During the winter, the water in your pipes can freeze. Water solidifies and expands, putting pressure on the vessels, causing them to burst. Old pipes will corrode if they are not properly maintained. Corrosion weakens the vessels, and calcium build-up exerts pressure on the weakened pipes, causing them to break open.
  • Corrosion is a common issue with steel pipes. Your pipes can even burst due to tree roots. Roots grow in the direction where they can get water, and because pipes contain water, roots will naturally grow against them. To gain access to the water inside, the roots will burst the pipes.
  • Increased pressure from above can also cause your pipes to burst. If there is construction in your neighbourhood, the soil can change, placing pressure on your pipes, causing them to burst.

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There can be a lot of property damage if a key device has a burst pipe. In extreme situations, people can be forced to leave their homes before the pipes are repaired. The water supply in that area would have to be switched off before a plumber could complete the repairs. Owing to the wasted water, a burst pipe in your home would lift your bills.

A burst pipe will waste two full baths of water every hour. If you are away from home when the pipe bursts, you might lose a lot of water. Your property can also sustain serious harm. If your home’s roof has a burst pipe, you may not notice until the water has collected and forced its way into your rooms.


Pipes in unheated parts of the house are more likely to burst as a result of freezing. As a consequence, a plumber would need to lag these pipes. Pipes buried in the earth should also be lagged, and they should be buried deep enough. Outside taps and pipes should be sealed, and your cold-water tank should be insulated as well. A plumber who deals with Water Leak Detection Sydney services can also be a great help in tackling burst pipes situations.

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