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Avoid These Four Things To Prevent Blocked Drains


Avoid These Four Things To Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains may be a pain, so to lend a hand, this current post offers some helpful advice on how to avoid block drains in your home.

Most clogged drains may be cleared by pouring gallons of bleach down them or using coffee granules on a daily basis. However, there will come a time when bleach will no longer suffice, and it will be necessary to hire Plumber Elwood professionals. Drains can be clogged for a variety of reasons. Many of the top offenders, on the other hand, are fairly common. Foreign items, dirt, hair, food, and soap/mineral build-up are among the most common culprits. Fortunately, with a little know-how and upkeep, all of these may be avoided.

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There can be numerous reasons for Blocked Drains Yarraville, but below are the four most common reasons that lead to blocked drains!

  1.       Inspect manhole covers

Check your manholes and drainage covers to determine if the drains are running freely to lessen the chances of a blockage in your drains. Blockages in outside drains are common owing to a build-up of leaves and garden waste. If your drains are slowing down, this could be the first sign of a clog and should be addressed as soon as possible.

  1.       Use drain guards at every drain

Drain guards, which cover outdoor drains and gullies, can be purchased to prevent garden debris from falling down the drain and clogging it. A clogged drain can cause extensive damage, and in certain cases, excavation is required to remedy the issue. Drain guards can be used to avoid this by limiting the quantity of debris that flows down your drain, making it easier to remove leaves and garden detritus.

  1.       Guttering and downpipes

If leaves get into your gutters, they could get washed down your drains and clog them up. This can be easily avoided simply by inspecting your gutters for leaves on a regular basis. This only applies to those who have trees near their property.

  1.       Avoid oil and grease in the drain

They should not be washed down the drain to avoid a build-up of oil or grease. If this is inevitable, combine the oil and grease with a lot of hot water and soap to decrease the chance of it congealing in your drainage system. Congealed grease can reduce the diameter of your pipes dramatically, increasing the risk of a blockage.

How much to expect in case of renovating a blocked drain?

Instead of risking bending or injuring pipes and drains by attempting to disassemble them – or cleaning them with caustic chemicals – have the professionals analyse and handle issues that are difficult to manage at home. Plumbers can generally save you time, frustration, and even money by using specialised grade snakes, hydro jets, and video surveillance of your own lines.


A clogged drain may cause chaos, resulting in foul odours and the possibility of flooding, and should be avoided at all costs. Experts understand how damaging a clogged drain can be in both commercial and residential settings. Hire professionals for Hot Water Replacement Brighton before the plumbing issue cause mess in daily life.

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