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How Does an Emergency Plumber in Granville Unclogs a Toilet?

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How Does an Emergency Plumber in Granville Unclogs a Toilet?

Plumbing problems like a clogged drain can arise unexpectedly. Unclogging your toilet can be a frustrating job if you take matters in your own hand. Without proper knowledge and the right technique, it may become a complete mess. Plumbers are trained professionals who can unclog drains and toilets by following some basic steps. Here’s how an Emergency Plumber in Granville will unclog your drain:

  • Examining the issue

Every experienced plumber spends the initial few minutes on testing the severity of the clog as well as determining its actual reason. To perform the test, the plumber needs to remove the upper lid to lift the flapper valve, and then allow some water inside. This step is crucial as it helps them approach the matter strategically.

  • Selecting the right plunger

There are different types of plungers. A plumber known which plunger will make his work easier. The funnel cup is most commonly used one. As it has an extended flange, it helps the plumber get deep down your toilet’s drainage system.

Moreover, he also dips the plunger in hot water before using it. That’s because both flexible and soft plungers as well as hard and stiff plungers are equally useless. Dipping it in hot water is essential to get a good seal for the toilet bowl.

  • Flooding toilet bowl

By the time a plumber arrives, the toilet bowl is often overflowing. So, after doing the main set up, he doesn’t pull the trigger immediately. He carefully removes the topmost part to be ready for ceasing the deluge by placing his fingers between the flush and the flapper. This step stops the water level from increasing.

  • Plunge-in well

An expert does the plunging process slowly as trying to operate anything forcefully will make the bathroom overflow with water. After the first gentle plunge, a plumber forces some air out and he continues plunging out and plunging in for at least 15 times. He keeps the seal intact throughout this procedure to prevent the place from becoming messy. Alternate light and heavy strokes are also effective in clearing out the clogs.

  • Should your plumber use hard chemicals?

One of the reasons why many people prefer licensed plumbers is because they follow the state’s regulations and take safety measures. An experienced plumber never uses hard chemicals to unclog drains or toilets. Even if chemicals speed up the process, they can cause health damage and corrosion.

  • Taking help of a toilet auger

When there is excessive clogging, plungers might not work. In such cases, a plumber requires a stronger and more powerful instrument.  A toilet snake or a toilet augur is a cable type of tool that a plumber can twist in, and it reaches deep into your toilet. This device is quite effective in loosening the clog, and you will be able to use your toilet soon.

  • Advises for future use

While leaving, plumbers always share some hacks and tricks so that you don’t face the similar inconvenience soon again. If there are kids at home, they will caution you to always turn down the cover. This will prevent the kids from throwing in things like pencils, crayons, wrappers, etc. You should also avoid throwing anything made of wax, joint compound, grease, or drywall and they cause serious clogging.

Tips to unclog your toilet at home

When it is late at night and you can’t find a plumber nearby, what is the way out? There are some ways in which you can clear a pesky clog in your toilet. Try these techniques to resolve the problem without professional assistance:

  1. Prepare a drain cleaning formula at home

If your toilet has a tendency of clogging easily, make a drain cleaner at home. You will need three simple ingredients: hot water, vinegar, and baking soda. Boil the water and allow it to cool down slightly. After that, add vinegar and baking soda and pour the solution into your toilet bowl. Make sure the gallon is at least half filled with water as the force must be enough to exert pressure in the clogged area.

  1. Buy a wet/dry vacuum

When neither snaking nor plunging works, a wet/dry vacuum will do the trick. Please note that you must not use a regular vacuum cleaner for this. Only a dry/wet vacuum is designed to cope in a liquid environment. Empty the toilet bowl and use the vacuum for sucking out the clog.

Wrapping Up

A clogged toilet is a serious inconvenience. It is possible to fix minor plumbing issues at home. But, when there is a plumbing emergency, you should contact an experienced plumber immediately. It is important to choose a licensed and reliable plumber to get the best services. When you hire a skilled person, you can be relaxed and let him do his job perfectly.

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