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All you need to know about KIA Seltos

Kia Melbourne dealers


All you need to know about KIA Seltos

The Kia Selto is the all-new crossover SUV by the Korean car maker, Kia Motors. It was first accepted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and it is expected to hit the showrooms by 2020. The vehicle will be available as a hybrid-electric version and also as an internal combustion engine (ICE) model at the Kia Melbourne Dealers.

Kia Selto

Kia Selto is a crossover SUV, a subcompact SUV and a compact crossover SUV. It has five doors, a four-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The model was first introduced to the public in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

The carmaker claims that it will be able to drive up to 120 miles on one tank of diesel fuel. It also says that the Kia Selto will be able to achieve 50 mpg when driven normally and 40 mpg on average when used as an urban vehicle.


The Kia Seltos is available with three different engines: a petrol engine, a diesel engine and a hybrid powertrain. The petrol and diesel engines are carried over from the Optima and the Ampera, respectively – the former is equipped with direct injection technology while the latter uses turbocharging.

The powertrains have been refined to deliver better performance, fuel economy and refinement in every way possible.


  • The price of the base variant is Rs. 13,19,000
  • The price of the top variant is Rs. 14,40,000
  • The price of the special edition is Rs. 15,99,000


Kia Melbourne dealers

The KIA Seltos will be launched in India on September 7, 2019. The SUV will be available in two variants – petrol and diesel at Kia Melbourne dealers – with prices starting from Rs 14.90 lakh and Rs 20.51 lakh, respectively (ex-showroom Delhi).

Kia has listed four variants for the petrol model – Standard G, Premium G, D and SXL – while it has five for the diesel variant: Standard G, Premium G, D and SXL+.

The company also plans to bring a crossover version called Kia Seltos GT which will compete against Ford EcoSport Titanium & Renault Duster AMT etc.


The Kia Selto is available in two variants: Kia Selto 1.6 GLS and Kia Selto 1.6 SX. The latter offers you more features and a sportier look, but both are still great options for your money.


There are many things to know about the Kia Seltos from the Kia Melbourne dealers. It is a car that has been designed with a lot of care and attention to detail. The best thing about this car is that it offers you a lot more than what other cars in this price range do. The engine and fuel consumption of the Kia Selto are both very impressive, as well as the smooth driving experience due to its lightweight body structure.

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