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5 Techniques for Recognizing Hidden Auto Body Damage

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5 Techniques for Recognizing Hidden Auto Body Damage


When you notice a scratch, dent or other damage on your car, it’s important to take it in for an inspection. Although minor damage can be fixed at home, more extensive repairs may require the attention of a professional body shop. An auto body specialist can determine whether the issue is cosmetic or has caused structural damage that requires additional work. Here are some tips for identifying hidden auto body damage:

Body Frame

The body frame is the structural foundation of your vehicle Panel beaters melbourne. It’s what holds everything together, including all of its parts. This includes the engine and all other major components like axles, transmissions and driveshafts.

The frame serves as an anchor for everything else in your vehicle because it’s designed to distribute weight evenly across each component without putting too much pressure on any one part. If there are holes in the frame or if parts begin to loosen up due to rust or corrosion, then this can cause serious problems with how well your car functions overall.

Bumper & Reinforcement Bar

If you’re looking to inspect your vehicle’s bumper and reinforcement bar, a good place to start is by using a torch. Carefully examine the entire area of the bumper, starting from the front and working your way around to the back. Keep an eye out for cracks that could be signs of rusting under the paint job and any holes in either metal or plastic components that may indicate damage from an accident or vandalism. The reinforcement bar is made up of two bars: one on each side of your car’s frame (a “quad bar”). If you notice damage here, it’s best to have it car repaired immediately.

Wheel and truck Alignment

A wheel alignment is a process that adjusts the angle of your car’s wheels to ensure they are pointing straight ahead. This helps your car drive smoothly and maintain control, especially on rough terrain. Wheel alignments are also important for stability, safety and fuel economy.

A tire that is out of alignment will wear unevenly, making it hard to tell if you have damage before it gets expensive or dangerous. Signs that you may need to have your vehicle aligned include:

  • Vibrations when driving over bumps or potholes
  • Pulling to one side when driving straight aheadYour Vehicle is Making Strange Noises

As you drive, your vehicle could be making noises that indicate hidden auto body damage. There are many different kinds of noises that can indicate hidden auto body damage. Some of the different kinds of noises include:

  • Grinding – A grinding noise is usually caused by metal parts rubbing together with each other and cannot be fixed by simply tightening or lubricating them. You will need to bring your vehicle into a body shop for further inspection and repair if this sound persists after loosening the bolts on the suspect parts and lubricating them with a quality spray lube.
  • Squealing – A squealing sound may indicate a wheel bearing problem or worn suspension components (like struts). This can often be fixed by replacing these components if they are in fact defective rather than having them repaired at an auto body shop, which is usually more expensive than buying new ones from an aftermarket supplier like Parts Geek!
  • Screeching – A screaming noise might mean that there is excess wear on your tires or suspension components like springs, struts and shocks (gas-filled shock absorbers). The best way to fix this issue would involve taking your car into an auto mechanic who specializes in fixing cars with similar issues before they become worse so they don’t cost as much money down the road when they’re not as easy to fix anymore because they’re already broken down too much already.”Fluids Are Leaking from Your Vehicle

If you notice that fluids are leaking from your vehicle, this is another sign of major hidden damage. In this case, be sure not to drive your vehicle and let our Panel beaters melbourne team know that you noticed this.

There are many different types of fluids that can leak from a car or truck and there are different reasons why they may be leaking as well. Some of these include:

  • Oil Leaks
  • Transmission Fluid Leaks
  • Coolant Fluid Leaks


In conclusion, there are many ways to identify hidden auto body damage. The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t let anything slip by you when it comes to your car! After all, it’s the only way to ensure its safety and your peace of mind on the road.


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