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What to Expect When Hiring a Venue?

booking venue hire geelong


What to Expect When Hiring a Venue?

Are you planning an event and need to hire a venue? Knowing what to expect when booking venue hire geelong will help ensure you make the right choice. Here are five things you should keep in mind when reserving a location for your event.

  1. Budget – Before you start looking at venues, it’s important to determine your budget. Consider all of the expenses associated with renting the space, including any deposits or cleaning fees that may be required. Also, ask about discounts or deals that may be available. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue only to find out it’s too expensive for your budget!

  1. Capacity – How many people will attend your event? Are there any special requirements like wheelchair access or elevators? Make sure the venue can accommodate your needs before signing any contracts. Additionally, some venue hire geelong require that you have a certain ratio of staff to guests so ask about this as well if applicable.


  1. Amenities – Does the venue have restrooms and water fountains? Is there a kitchen area that you can use to prepare food? Are there any storage areas available for extra supplies? This will help reduce your expenses by allowing you to bring in less equipment with you. Ask what amenities are included in the rental fee and if there are any extra fees for additional items such as tables, chairs, linens, and audio/visual equipment. If you’re planning a large event, make sure that the venue has good acoustics and can handle sound amplification. It’s also important to know if there is Wi-Fi available on-site or whether outside catering is allowed at the location.

booking venue hire geelong

  1. Location – Is the venue easy to get to? Will your attendees have trouble finding parking or access public transportation? If possible, visit the location ahead of time so that you can familiarize yourself with its layout and surroundings before making a commitment.

  1. Reviews – Check online reviews from past customers who have used the venue before committing to it for your own event or function. Reviews can give insight into other experience that patrons had when using the same facilities and can provide valuable feedback on quality of service and overall satisfaction with their experience at the specific location being considered for hire purposes. You should have a signed contract before you begin planning your event. The contract should clearly state the date, time, and location of your event as well as all other details such as catering options and rental fees.


When searching for a place to host an event, it is important to consider all aspects of venue hire geelong from capacity, amenities offered and availability through reviews from past customers who have used it previously. Keeping these five factors in mind will help ensure that you choose the perfect place for your event! With proper research and preparation, finding an ideal space will be much easier than expected!

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