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The Top Things That Plumber Hides from You

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The Top Things That Plumber Hides from You

When you think of Plumber point cook, you probably don’t typically picture someone with a clipboard and a pen. You probably don’t even think of plumbers as professional water leak investigators. But, according to the Professionals Council on Water & plumbing, this is exactly what they do. As a profession, plumbers hide their true selves from customers by keeping their services and techniques strictly under the table. They may not brag about it or suggest it as a career path, but plumbing is indeed a good fit for anyone who finds solving problems in the home interesting and/or stressful. Here are some of the top things that other people don’t know about plumbing that hiring a pro can help you avoid!

Plumbers Hire remotely-accessed Video cameras to Monitor Work Sites

When you’re working on a project that requires you to be outdoors, a reliable video camera can save you from getting into trouble. It may seem like a no-brainer, but many contractors use a handheld device when they’re on the job and don’t record their work. These handheld cameras are easy to lose or misplace, and you may end up spending hours looking for evidence that a problem exists. These cameras also don’t record in HD, so be aware of what you’re missing out on. Other contractors may use an infrared camera, which sends a visible light beam through the area to be surveyed and sends a radio frequency emissions through the air to triangulate the position of the camera. Although this approach works, it’s less reliable and accurate than a camera.

Plumbers Use GPS Tracking Devices on Tools and Equipment

When you’re hauling out old appliances or installing new ones, it’s important to record the journey so that you don’t get charged for reliving the pain later on. Ideally, you’d use a GPS device to track the equipment as it moves inside the house, but this is rarely the case. Increasingly, contractors use Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices as part of their insurance coverage. These devices send your location information to a central database, so you won’t have to spend the time looking for your tracking device. These devices are more accurate and reliable than GPS, although they are more expensive. GPS units are battery-powered and often require a power outlet to work, which can be difficult to find in a remote area. Additionally, some GPS devices require a subscription fee, which can be pricey.

plumber point cook

Plumbers Use Graphic Surveys to Find the Root Cause of Problems

As we move further into the 21st century, more and more homes and businesses use the internet. And with the rise of smart home devices, it’s easy to forget about utilities such as HVAC, electronic devices, and plumbing systems. But, surveys are a great way to find problems before they occur. These types of surveys are often referred to as “foreseeable risk” surveys since they forecast problems that can and will happen. The best-foreseen risk surveys are owned-and-operated and offer a wealth of information. You’ll never be short on information with an operation like this. These types of surveys can be time-consuming to complete, but they’re incredibly valuable. You may get a chance to ask questions and receive suggestions from the surveyors before they start work.

Plumbers Don’t Use Your Water until It’s Dead Wrong

It’s no secret that water is the lifeblood of our planet. Without it, we would not be able to survive. But, how much water is really being used in our homes and businesses? In reality, it’s probably not much. While we all know that leaky pipes are a significant source of wasted water, statistics show that only about half of that water is actually being used. This is a significant problem because wasted water is water that could be helping to water our crops, provide drinking water for our families, or help to power our appliances. Most importantly, it’s water that could be helping to keep our homes and businesses clean. 

The Bottom Line

As a plumbing professional, you don’t spend much time talking to people about their plumbing problems. But when you do, they usually have several issues such as clogged pipes and broken sinks. As a result, when you work as a contractor, you don’t get the opportunity to discuss these issues with your clients. You may not even know that they have these issues because they may not be aware that they exist. When you have a pro doing the work for you, you’ll discover that they have a different mindset than you do. 

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