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The Top Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Professional Painter

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The Top Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Professional Painter

Painting your home can be a one-time investment that will increase the value of your property. The right colour combination and professional painting job can make your home look beautiful and modern, but it’s also important to hire a painter who has experience with different types of surfaces. 

If you’re planning on hiring a professional painter for your next project, here are some tips for finding the right person:

Not getting multiple quotes

It’s important to get multiple quotes. The more quotes you have, the better idea you’ll have of the price range for your job. If you only get one quote and it’s significantly higher than what other companies are charging, there could be something wrong with their estimate or they’re trying to take advantage of you in some way.

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If possible, try asking around among friends and family members who’ve hired painters Melbourne before–they may know someone who’d be willing to give you a recommendation or help find a good painter at an affordable cost (and maybe even do some of the work themselves!).

Not checking the company’s insurance coverage

One of the most important things to check before hiring a painter is whether or not they’re insured. The cost of hiring an uninsured company can be huge if something goes wrong, so it’s worth taking some time to make sure you’re protected. 

Insurance will vary from one contractor to another, but generally covers liability for injuries and property damage caused by their employees during the course of their work.

Some painters Melbourne may offer this type of insurance at no extra charge (or for an added fee), but others will require that you pay for it separately–so ask about this up front!

Painters Melbourne

Not checking references

The first step in hiring a professional painter is to check references. Ask for references from previous clients, and then call them to ask about the quality of work that was done, as well as customer service. 

You can also ask for feedback on how well the painter communicated with them and if they were satisfied overall with their experience working with this company or individual.

Obviously, it is important that you talk directly with past clients rather than just look at their websites or social media accounts (as these may not be current). 

You want someone who has painted recently so that they can give you an accurate idea of what your new project might cost–and whether or not it will require any additional steps before beginning work on your home or office space.

Failing to inspect the painter’s previous work

The most important part of the process is to ensure that you have seen examples of a professional painter’s previous work. It is essential that you check out their portfolio and make sure it matches up with what they are telling you they can do, or else there will be problems down the road.

You should not hire any professional painting without inspecting their previous work first. If they are not willing to show it to you, then there is probably something wrong with them!


If you are in need of a professional painters Melbourne, it is important to make sure that you get the right one. 

When hiring someone, it is always best to get multiple quotes from different companies so that you can compare their prices and services. 

You should also check references from previous clients so that they can tell you if their work was satisfactory or not. Finally, make sure that any company has proper insurance coverage before signing any contracts with them!

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