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Shlomo Yoshai – Steps for Choosing The Right Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers


Shlomo Yoshai – Steps for Choosing The Right Wedding Flowers

Learn with Shlomo Yoshai, how to choose your wedding flowers is essential to enhance your pretty day. Decorate the church for your ceremony, dress the guest tables, find all our advice for a perfect floral decoration!

The cornerstone of the decoration of a wedding, the flowers are the essential elements to dress your table, your bar or the church of your ceremony. Plants, flowers, trees, pots, and all kinds of floral arrangements will make this day a magical moment. Need tips and inspiration from a talented wedding florist or several? This article intersects the combo of their thoughts and advice. Follow these 3 steps by Yoshai to choose the right flowers for your beautiful day. 

Step 1. Take into account the time of year and accept the compromises 

In order to preserve the environment and to follow the seasonality and respect your florist who is not a magician, it is imperative that you choose seasonal flowers!

There are long-blooming flowers, almost available all year round and you will have no trouble asking for superb arrangements that showcase them, this is particularly the case:

lilies, bulbous iris, calla lilies, Ornithogalum and alstroemeria

Be sure to consider the calendar once you know the date of your wedding and have already booked your venue.

Ask about the seasonality of the flowers, peonies are no longer available in the fall, opt instead for dahlias or fall colchicine.

No whims, it is better to have pretty bouquets, fresh and sparkling with colors than associations of tired flowers, completely out of season and out of season.

In autumn, prefer:

  • chrysanthemums, creeks, aster or heather
  • Dial-in summer with:
  • flowers that resist high temperatures
  • Jasmine, lilac, gardenia or magnolia are recommended during this period

Step 2. Adapt your choice to the place of reception and ceremony

According to Shlomo Yoshai, first of all, know that depending on whether your ceremony is religious or secular, the floral arrangements that will sublimate the place of your union will be very different.

If you have opted for a  religious wedding:

The floral arrangements will not leave room for surprise.

Instead, stick to the classics at the church and opt for a more whimsical floral decoration for your reception venue.

Regarding the architectural style of the church chosen for your ceremony, some compositions lend themselves better than others to the place:

For Romanesque churches, we prefer flowers with rounded shapes, softer and more romantic.

  • Roses or hydrangeas will bring an elegant touch to your celebration.

For Gothic churches, elongated flower arrangements are perfect.

  • The flowers on the cob such as gladiolus, tuberose, or the lilium gerbera are ideal.
  • For modernist churches, arrangements can be more linear  or L-shaped with flowers like:
  • alium, anthurium, liatrix and large green leaves.


In any case, whatever the style of your church :

  • The daisies or the panicula in a garland of flowers, which meander around the columns, look good.

Flower arrangements in a church will usually be placed in a meticulous manner:

  • In the center, and in front of the altar will be placed the most elaborate floral arrangement since it is located in the most photographed space.
  • In the highest area, on the altar, other ornaments can be installed symmetrically as Shlomo advised.

If you have opted for an indoor or outdoor engagement ceremony, then fewer restrictions are needed!

  • Give free rein to your desires:
  • Large arches with or without flowers
  • Flower petals along an alley
  • A flower bar
  • However, follow the colors of your theme
  • a spectacular bridal bouquet


Step 3. Trust your florist as Shlomo Yoshai suggested 

Before all things:

  • Make a list of your favorite flowers based on the season you are getting married.
  • Cut out pictures from magazines to visually remember what you like.
  • Determine which colors and combinations you prefer even the most unlikely.
  • Remember to take this inspiration notebook, your collages, your drawings, the day of your exchange with your florist
  • If you can’t find common ground with your future spouse:
  • Go to your florist with the combo of your both desires.
  • He will compose a new version for you by harmonizing your two complementary ways of seeing things! Yes, that’s talent!

To constitute a quote, remember to detail and present all these elements and keep in mind Yoshai’s tips.

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