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Sauna Time: Is a Home Sauna Help Your Skin Concerns?

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Sauna Time: Is a Home Sauna Help Your Skin Concerns?

Saunas have long been used in spas and medical offices as one of the best ways to fight health issues from depression to inflammation. If you’re not looking for skin benefits, there are many reasons you may want to invest in an at-home sauna, such as finding an effective way to reduce anxiety and stress while increasing the body’s natural production of endorphins. To make the most of your sauna experience, keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of home saunas Melbourne-wide available and how they can help your skin concerns.

Detoxification Benefits.

Saunas are able to give your body a bit of respite and allow it to detoxify. Sweating is one of your body’s ways of ridding itself of toxins, and sweating in a sauna can make it even more effective. Being outside also has detoxification benefits as well, so combining both together makes sense. The heat from saunas can help loosen toxins from their hiding places, and sweat helps wash them out of your pores so they can exit easily. Don’t be surprised if you experience a healthier and clearer-looking complexion after spending some time in a sauna, particularly if you suffer from acne or other skin concerns!

Anti-Aging Benefits.

There’s actually no better time to start using a sauna than right now. When you sit in a sauna, your body produces more anti-aging proteins, including elastin and collagen. Not only that but sitting in a home sauna allows you to lower your blood pressure and stress levels, all of which are ideal for any person looking to live longer and healthier. A session in the sauna is also one of those rare opportunities where you can be alone with your thoughts for just 10 minutes—and it doesn’t hurt that it makes you look gorgeous! So as far as skincare concerns go, there aren’t many drawbacks associated with using a home sauna.

home sauna melbourne

Brighten Skin Tone with Red Light Therapy.

Red light therapy may be able to improve your skin tone. Its main effects are that it stimulates fibroblasts (cells in connective tissue) to produce collagen and elastin, two proteins that help heal wounds. When applied to the skin, red-light therapy can help speed up healing from cuts, burns and stretch marks. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect because of its photo bio modulation property which reduces swelling, treats sunburn and helps to treat some other inflammatory skin conditions. On top of all that, red light therapy is painless! Many people use red light therapy for their faces as well as their bodies. But remember—using a home sauna Melbourne should not replace any acne or blemish treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Improve Hair Growth with Far Infrared Rays.

Far infrared rays are part of what helps saunas sweat toxins out of your body. They do double duty by also having been found to stimulate hair growth and improve overall skin health. If you are interested in improving hair growth with far infrared rays, it’s recommended that you spend a minimum of 15 minutes in an infrared sauna every day for at least three months. Just make sure to keep water nearby and don’t overdo it your first few times—your body will adjust to more time in less time, so start small and work up from there. Also, note that certain types of wood emit farther infrared than others; cedar wood is especially good for releasing toxins from your skin cells.

Boost Immune System with Negative Ions.

The negative ions in-home saunas (and in nature) help fight common colds and boost your immune system. Negative ions are found on average 35 per cent more often in nature than indoors, and they make up 80 per cent of what we breathe inside. They come from plants, like ferns and grasses, that use photosynthesis to produce oxygen. 

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