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Incredible Cooling Options For Your Verandah

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Incredible Cooling Options For Your Verandah

Having an outdoor space is a luxury, so it’s important to make that space as comfortable as possible. You don’t want to be stuck in the house when it’s hot outside — nor do you want to be sweating profusely! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your Verandahs Adelaide cool without breaking the bank.

From shade-providing plants and outdoor blinds to fans and air-conditioning units, we’ve got everything you need for a cool summer escape.

Natural shade from plants

Plants are a great option for creating shade on your Verandahs Adelaide. They can be grown in pots or planted into the ground, depending on how much space you have available.

If you want to use plants for natural shading, plant them on the verandah so they’re right by where you’re sitting. You can also plant them in your yard and use them as a screen to block out sunlight from your verandah or patio area.

Verandahs Adelaide

Outdoor blinds

Perhaps you should not be looking for an alternative to your veranda’s roof, but rather a way to control the temperature on it.

A good place to start is with your choice of material. If you opt for a blind made from canvas, bamboo or some other natural material, it will look not only great but also provide excellent protection against UV rays and other heat-inducing elements that can cause damage over time.

These types of blinds also tend to be more breathable than artificial ones as they allow air circulation around them. On top of that, they absorb moisture well while retaining heat during winter – perfect if you live in colder climates!

Fans and air-conditioning

While fans are an easy and cheap way to cool yourself, they don’t actually lower the temperature of the air. Instead, they make you feel cooler by circulating cooler air from around your head and body.

Air conditioning is more effective at lowering room temperatures because it actually changes the chemical composition of gases in the air. In other words, it adds moisture (water vapour) to cool down temperatures in your verandah by condensing water droplets out of warm water vapour into liquid and then dispersing them through an evaporator coil before releasing them back into room air as a cool mist.

This can be expensive if you lack access to electricity or have too low a wattage power supply for your needs (more on this later).

Natural shade from plants is the cheapest cooling option for your verandah.

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to keep your verandah cool, you can’t go wrong with natural shade. The plants in your garden provide shade that blocks the sun’s rays, keeping the temperature down.

You can also use plants to turn your verandah into an extension of your home—they’ll make it look beautiful while they do their job at keeping things cool!

When picking out plants for your verandah, think about how much sunlight they need. Some plants require full sun all day long in order to thrive (such as palms), while others won’t mind being in light shade or partial sun all day (like ferns).


If you’re looking to cool your verandah, there are many options. Natural shade from plants is the cheapest cooling option for your verandah.

Outdoor blinds can be used to keep the sun out or control privacy on hot days.

Fans and air-conditioning are also good choices if you want something more permanent than an overhead fan but still don’t want the expense of installing air conditioning units on every floor of your house!

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