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How To Choose The Right Fridge Slide For Your Vehicle?


How To Choose The Right Fridge Slide For Your Vehicle?

You’re about to buy a 4×4 Fridge Slide for your fridge. You’ve done the research, and you know that slides are the most convenient option for a refrigerator that doesn’t have a freezer door. But what exactly does it take to pick the right one?

Know the size of your fridge

It’s important to measure your fridge’s width and height before purchasing a slide. If you are replacing an existing slide, measure the space (between 3″-8″ wider than the door opening).

If this is a new install, measure the overall size of the opening and its height so that your fridge can fit through without hitting overhead cabinets or other obstacles.

Know the kind of slide you want

Fridge slides come in wide different varieties. The kind of slide you want will depend on the space you have and the fridge you want to use it with. You should also consider what kind of flooring your refrigerator is going to be sitting on.

4x4 Fridge Slide

  • The 4×4 Fridge Slide works best when placed against a wall so that there is no space behind it where goods could get stuck or spill onto the floor. This will work well with an upright refrigerator, but if you have an under-counter unit, this may not be an option for your kitchen design plans.
  • If you’re looking for something more versatile than just one fridge size—or maybe need something smaller than what’s available at the store—the 6×6 Fridge Slide might be perfect for your home! It’s perfect for upright refrigerators as well as under-counter units (although some assembly is required).
  • Another option: The 6×12 Fridge Slide can work with any brand or size of refrigeration unit—even compact models! And because these are made out of solid wood without any plastic parts inside them (like bearings), they’re built-in using only top-quality materials that won’t break down over time due to heat fluctuations from your cooling system.

Measure the space

Before buying a 4×4 Fridge Slide, it’s important to measure the space your fridge will be in. Measure the width, length, and height of the space first. Then measure the width and depth of your fridge, as well as its height (if possible).

If you’re not sure how many car Slide Fridges will fit into a given amount of space, use a handy “4×4” calculator. Just enter the dimensions into their respective slots and press “calculate.”


Well, we hope that this article has helped you understand more about the different types of slides available. If you’d like to know more about the specific models it’s recommended to have expert advice.

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