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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Edge Protection!

Roof Edge Protection Systems

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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Edge Protection!

Safety is the primary and essential condition for all of us. Keeping ourselves and others safe and secure. We live in big buildings with god knows, how many floors. And everyone nowadays wants their balcony or roof. But this luxury comes with or causes many accidents like the falling of workers during construction or kids playing on the roof edge. The safety of such places can be secured by the Roof Edge Protection System.

The first rule is to try to avoid working at height. Of course, this is not possible, which is why conscious efforts are made for the protection, and Roof Edge Protection is the most important safety solution. A suitable roof edge system will allow everyone going on your roof safe, whether they are visitors, maintenance teams, or employees.

This system will also remove the human error factor. This means that person will not have to worry about wearing a harness or personal protection system and he can focus on the given task.

Types of roof edge protection

Roof edge protection comes in many different ways. Here are some of the most popular choices:


Scaffolding is the most common way of protecting your workers from falling, but it is a temporary roof edge solution. Keep in mind that not all who goes to a roof are construction workers – some of them can be a layman. This is generally used by construction companies to work on the roof, but scaffolding takes a long time to set up and as long to be taken down.

Fixed roof handrail

A fixed roof handrail is well built than scaffolding, a fixed handrail will penetrate your roof fence on installation.

Free-standing roof handrail

Free Standing roof handrails do not pierce the roof fence and keep it waterproof and secure. It is sometimes done by welding but is much better when it’s done without welding.

A Roof edge protection system that is free-standing and can be done without welding is easy to install and maintain, its compatible design means that it will create minimum interruption.

There needs to be a clear understanding of the various standards and regulations to specify an edge protection system that is fit for purpose. An inaccurate specification can be fatal.


There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to working at height. A contrary roof edge solution will put people’s lives in danger. Depending on various aspects of your project, what kind of merit your Roof edge protection needs to stick to. If you are not sure then arrange for a risk assessment to be carried out. Take into consideration the roof pitch, fence, performance in both wet and dry weather conditions. You should know, what system you need to figure out what standards it needs to adhere to. Roof Edge Protection system will help you and your roof to the required Standards.

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