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Custom Home Builders And Their Unique Offerings

Andrew Purdie


Custom Home Builders And Their Unique Offerings

Are you a homeowner looking for the latest in home design? Perhaps your dream home has been on your mind for years, or maybe you’re building from scratch. Either way, there’s no better time than now to get started with your new custom-built abode. 

Whether you’re planning to build an energy-efficient house or hoping for an elevator access system (and other upscale amenities), lookout for best custom builders like Andrew Purdie who can specialize in own unique offerings:

Energy-efficient homes

If you’re a homeowner, then energy efficiency is probably something that has crossed your mind at some point. Why? Because it’s important for the comfort and health of your family, as well as for the environment.

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Energy-efficient homes are more comfortable and healthier to live in because they use less energy to heat or cool the space–and this can result in big savings on utility bills. Plus, when you consider how much pollution is produced by nonrenewable resources like gas or coal power plants (not to mention all those exhaust fumes), it makes sense that building an environmentally friendly home would be one of the best things we can do for ourselves right now!

Andrew Purdie

Closet systems

Closet systems are a great way to organize your clothes and shoes. They can be custom-designed to fit your home, and they come in many different materials: wood, metal or plastic.

They can be used in a bedroom, living room or even the garage.There are many different types of shoe cabinets, including ones that have doors and others that are open. You can find a cabinet that fits your space and needs.

Elevator access

Elevators are an expensive addition to a home, but they can be used for more than just getting from floor to floor. Elevators can be used for people with disabilities and families with children, as well as for accessing the roof of your home. 

The cost of having an elevator installed depends on how many floors you want it to go up, but most homeowners find that this investment is well worth it because it will allow them access to areas where they may not have been able to go before.

Upscale amenities

If you want to make your new home feel like the Ritz-Carlton, consider adding these upscale amenities:

  • Pools and spas. A pool is an obvious choice for those who want to spend their afternoons lounging in the sun. But if you’re looking for something more luxurious than a standard above-ground pool, consider installing an in-ground swimming pool with a spa attached. This gives homeowners two places to relax without having to leave their backyard!
  • Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. A fireplace adds warmth while cooking brings friends together–it’s no wonder that outdoor kitchens have become so popular over the past decade! If yours doesn’t already have one built into it, consider adding an outdoor fireplace so that guests can gather around while enjoying delicious meals cooked onsite by one of our professional chefs (or yourself).


The custom home builders like Andrew Purdie is an excellent custom builder for building a new house. They can help you choose the best features and amenities for your home, as well as find options that fit within your budget.

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