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Building your own DIY 4X4 Drawer Systems

4x4 rear drawer


Building your own DIY 4X4 Drawer Systems

Once you’ve had your first taste of four-wheeling, you’ll be hooked and eager to get back on the track whenever possible. If you want to take your adventure to the next level, you’ll need to carry some additional gear so you can remain out longer and tackle some trails you wouldn’t typically attempt. With little space in the rear of your car, you may feel compelled to just stuff everything in there so you can get moving as quickly as possible. You’ll wish you had invested through Build your own 4×4 drawer systems while you’re out there searching through a pile of equipment. 4X4 storage drawers let you organise your gear in various roller drawers so you can quickly find what you need. They save a tonne of space—forget about hunting for your lunchbox in the back of the car; you’ll probably be able to fit a fridge in there instead.

building your own 4x4 drawer systems

But, with so much information available, how can you pick the best 4X4 drawers for you? Tour By Fitouts has put up the definitive buyer’s guide to assist you in getting your hands on a set of 4X4 drawers. We’ve simplified the procedure to the point where you’ll be completely aware of every element to consider when purchasing a new set of 4X4 drawers. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a seasoned pro looking for manufacturer recommendations, there’s something here to help you. 4X4 storage drawers are a set (or sets) of sliding drawers that are installed in the back of your 4X4 and are an excellent addition if you are always up for a new adventure. Depending on the manufacturer and the budget you have, they can be built of a number of materials.

One of the main advantages of storage draws is that they may be used to keep all of the necessary offroading equipment for a trip out of the dust and mud, as well as distributing the weight of your goods so that your vehicle’s centre of gravity is lower than if you packed everything on the roof. On some tracks, this helps your car to stay on the ground rather than tumbling over. While these drawers offer several advantages, it might be difficult for newcomers to grasp what they need to pack and how to do it. We’ll go through the basics of 4X4 drawers, as well as what you should put in them.

When it comes to deciding which setup to go with, it all comes down to how you want to utilise them. Horizontal layouts in DIY 4×4 drawer systems are popular among those who desire more storage capacity but yet want to leave room in the boot. If you’re going to include a fridge slider or another feature that demands a height ways layout, vertical layouts are recommended. If you’re just searching for storage, you should consider whether you’ll need a double or single drawer. If you don’t need your equipment to be segregated, single drawers are a good option. If you require specific equipment to put in specific areas, several drawers are the best option. Having multiple distinct compartments also allows you to secure your valuables with locks.

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