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Are Your Trees Healthy? Get It Examined Today

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Are Your Trees Healthy? Get It Examined Today

It is important to note that it is not always simple to tell if your tree has a problem. It can be difficult to inspect trees because they are usually high up in the air and out of sight. That’s why it’s recommended to consult have an arborist or certified Tree Lopping croydon company to come out to look at your trees regularly. 

An experienced professional can inspect your trees, identify any problems and give advice on how best to address them.

  • Examine Trunk & Bark

To get an idea of your tree’s health, you should examine the trunk and bark by the experienced Stump Removal Melbourne experts. This will help you identify problems such as decay or pest damage quickly. You can also check for signs of disease if you notice discolouration, cracks or splits in the bark, or other injuries to the tree.

If you see signs of decay or pest damage, removing them quickly is important. If the problem is a disease, you may need to consult a professional arborist for advice on how best to treat it.

  • Roots

If the tree has healthy roots, it will be able to absorb nutrients from the soil. The roots are the foundation of a tree’s health and should be free from injury or damage. They should also be free from disease, decay, insects and other pests that could cause problems for the rest of the tree. 

If you see any signs of these things in your trees’ root systems, get them examined immediately by an arborist so they can be treated before they become significant problems that may require extensive work to solve!

tree trimming Melbourne

  • Branches & Twigs

Branches should be evenly spaced. Branches that are too close together can cause the tree to split, while branches that are too far apart will weaken the trunk.

In addition to checking for spacing, check out the twigs. Twigs should be sturdy and green, not brown or dead looking.

If you are purchasing a tree that is not yet in bloom, look for buds. The buds should be small, green and tightly closed. If the bud is large and open, it means that the tree has been stressed in some way (such as being shipped) and may not live up to expectations once planted in your yard.

  • Will pruning and stump removal melbourne service help if my tree is sick?

Pruning trees is a good way of helping trees recover from illness. But, it’s not a cure for the illness itself. Chopping off branches can reduce the tree’s stress and help it recover, but it won’t get rid of the underlying problem.

If you have a sick tree, the best thing to do is find a certified arborist in your area. They can assess whether or not the tree needs to be removed and give you advice on what steps to take next. 

If possible, try to keep trees that are dying or dead in place until they are removed by an expert—they can serve as habitat for wildlife like birds and squirrels.


We hope you’ve learned how to tell if your trees are healthy and what steps you can take to help them. By being proactive, we can minimise the damage caused by pests and diseases, so no one has to suffer from a sick tree that causes problems for neighbours or nearby structures.

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