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7 amazing tips for beginners for easy wavy curls

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7 amazing tips for beginners for easy wavy curls

Who does not love the wavy long curls?  There was a time when straight hair was in trend and every teenage girl had got their hair straightening, but with the modern changing time, nowadays people love to experiment with different types of hairstyles with different looks. Curling can also be done at the home without the need of an expert, all you need is to have a good curling machine and you are good to go. You can easily find the Best Curling Wand of the good brand from the trusted online store. Curls can also be performed with the straightener and Infrared Hair Dryer with layered hairs. Perfect curls require the right temperature to hold the curls for a longer time.

Below are the amazing and effective curling tips for beginners to make long-lasting curls.

best hair wax for men

1)   Make sure to use the right barrel size.

Many people have the mindset that the bigger the barrel, the wavier the curves but the performance of curls depends on the diameter of the curling wand so, it’s important to choose the correct diameter barrel for the perfect curls.

2)  Always use high-quality hairspray before curls.

Hair spray prevents hair from burns and damage. Always spray a mild mist of spray to all areas of hair before starting with curls. It will also help curls to last longer.

3)  Set the temperature according to your hair type.

If your hair is thick or extra dry then you might need more temperature to give the perfect curls. Its advised to keep the temperature at moderate if your hair is color-treated or processed.

4)   Use the wrapping technique according to the curl you desire.

The wrapping technique is important to get the desired curves.  Whether you want glam curls, beachy curves, or wavy curves, you can achieve every type of curls with the correct wrapping and curling technique.

Best Hair Curler

5)  Pay proper attention to the angle for holding a curl.

There are specific angles for the curls you want to achieve that is if you want voluminous curls then hold the curling wand horizontally for the spread curls. If you want straight waves then hold the curling wand vertical downwards.

6) Keep the curler on the hair for a minimum of 10 seconds.

The minimum time for curls is 10 seconds but if you want tighter curls then you can hold for a little more.

Wind-up:  Well it might be a little difficult at the beginning if you are using curler for the first time, but with the right curling wand, one can easily achieve good wavy curls with the proper efforts.

It’s important to use heat protectant spray or serum to protect the hair from heat damage. Hairstyling is trending nowadays not only in women but men also prefer styling hair with hair wax. Hair wax helps to hold the hair position in the desired style for a longer time.

Always check the ingredients of the hair products to prevent the hair from damage.  To be assured and on the safer side, always buy the best hair wax for men from the reputed brand store such as ustra, and beardo.

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