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2020 Latest Paint Colours According to your Horoscope

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2020 Latest Paint Colours According to your Horoscope

Your interior paint has a great impact on your personality and your zodiac sign defines your personality. Therefore, knowing which colour is the most compatible for your zodiac sign before reaching the reliable painter Sydney is the best idea.


The bold and powerful Capricorn is ready to climb the top of any problem. Bring the cosmic vibes in your home with dusty purple so that your ideas strike your head straight from the milky way.


The personality of Aquarian is as deep as a sea. If the sky is the limit, an Aquarian will choose the sea to be limitless. So give a splash of serene greenish-blue colour to your walls and be the thoughtful person as you are.


Be a social butterfly with brilliant, bold, and energetic orange-y red wall colour. It’s time for Pisces to show the world who you are and how open you are to allow new people to enter your life.


It’s time for Aries to brighten up a bit by looking for new career opportunities. A cheerful lemony yellow is your colour for this year to make lemonade of all your career obstacles. So shine brighter with lemony yellow walls around you.


The world has been changing around Taurus but you have stood still like a cliff. Tribute your strong heart and personality with the neutral beige colour. This will show no matter what, you will handle everything and thrive.


Gemini has transformed the entire personality not from the outside but the inside as well. Depth and discovery are stimulating and so are your walls. You don’t compromise for less that’s why velvet orchid colour will suit your royal personality.


You are learning to create harmony and balance in your relationships. Your heart has become as soft as baby skin. So paint your walls with baby pink colour so that your surroundings match your feelings.


It’s time to take a break from your work Leo. You might have been devoting days and nights handling all your work, but this year you need some time for yourself too. Go for breezy light blue walls that will give you the perfect summer feelings.


You will feel the love in the air. However, you are a bit methodical and tactical when it comes to relationship, but this year you will find the one you always wanted. Prepare your home for the love season with pretty rose walls.


It’s time for a change for a Libra. Don’t stick to old relationships or walls. 2020 is the time for you to go with timeless off-white wall paint, which you can complement with classic furniture and fixtures.


If you want to burst your ideas into the world, now is the time for Scorpio. Be a big red apple that has its different way to express itself. Paint your walls with red, deep, and delicious apple colour to endorse your ideas.


Green is the colour of positivity and money. Sagittarian might have faced low-income sources last year, but 2020 is your lucky year. This year green is your colour, so, paint your living area or bedroom with a dollar green colour that has a hint of grey.

So hire a talented Residential Painter Sydney for painting your walls according to your horoscope colour right now.

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