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What Should You Look For When Inspecting A Cheap Car?


What Should You Look For When Inspecting A Cheap Car?

Not all cheap cars are made equal. Some of them have a lot of problems that you can’t see, but they’re still cheap because they’re in good shape. Other cheap cars for sale coffs harbour are also good because they’ve been driven so much that everything is falling apart.

In this post, we’ll show you what to look for when inspecting your next used car purchase so you can make sure you’re getting a good deal on the right one for your budget and needs!

Body Condition 

First, you need to check the body condition. Look for rust, dents and scratches on the car’s exterior. Also inspect paint damage on any panels that are exposed to sunlight or other harsh elements. 

If there are any structural issues with the cheap cars for sale coffs harbour (i.e., if it has been in an accident), this can be a deal breaker because getting these fixed can cost thousands of dollars–and sometimes even more than what you paid for your new car!

Also pay attention to areas where water accumulates like wheel wells and undercarriage components; if they’re rusty then there’s probably more rust elsewhere on your ride too!

Mechanical Condition 

If you’re buying a cheap car, it’s likely that the engine and transmission are dirty. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; they may just need to be cleaned.

However, if the engine is covered in oil and there are large puddles of it on the ground under your car, this could indicate problems with your vehicle’s oil system. It could also mean that there’s an issue with one or more of its pistons (the part inside an engine that makes contact with each other).

If you notice any leaks around these parts while inspecting your vehicle, consider bringing someone else along who knows how cars work so they can give you advice about what needs to be done next.

Interior Condition 

You can also check the interior condition of a car by looking for rust and damage to seats, dashboards, door panels and carpeting. If there is any visible rust on the floor of the vehicle or on any other parts of the interior (such as around seat brackets), this may indicate that there are more serious problems with that particular car’s frame.

If you see any significant damage to seats or headliner in your test drive, consider asking if they would be willing to lower their asking price or offer some sort of compensation for repairs needed before buying it.

Safety Features 

Safety features are the most important aspect of a car. You need to be able to trust that it will protect you in an accident, so make sure to check for airbags and seat belts. Check to see if there is an automatic seatbelt option as well, because this can save lives in some situations.

Next, look at child safety locks on all doors and windows, along with a spare tire–which can help keep you safe when traveling long distances or off-road (or just getting stuck somewhere).


We hope this article has helped you understand what to look for when inspecting a cheap cars for sale coffs harbour-wide. There are many things to consider, but if you follow our tips closely and inspect the vehicle thoroughly before making any purchases, we’re confident that you’ll end up with a safe and reliable ride!

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