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Top 12 Features Of The Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift Hire

diesel knuckle boom lift hire


Top 12 Features Of The Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift Hire

The diesel knuckle boom lift is a very powerful machine that can lift up to 6 tons of weight. This makes it ideal for lifting heavy equipment and machinery. It is also very useful in lifting materials from low ground levels and transporting them to higher areas without having to use a forklift or crane. These boom lifts are not only used in construction sites but also in factories and warehouses where heavy loads are required to be lifted.

The diesel knuckle boom lift hire has many features that make it unique from other types of lifts. Here are some of the best features that make this type of lift stand out from others:


The capacity of these lifts varies from 300kg up to 6000kg, depending on the model you choose. This means they are suitable for lifting everything from small cars to large machinery.


The stability of the lift depends on several factors, including its weight and load capacity. The heavier the machine, the more stable it will be. However, all diesel knuckle boom lifts have anti-rollback devices fitted as standard for extra peace of mind when working with heavy loads.


If you need to transport your diesel knuckle boom lift from one location to another, then there are several portable options available. Some even come with wheels so they can be moved around easily by one person!


All diesel knuckle booms come with safety features built-in as standard, which means you won’t have to worry about getting hurt while operating them. These include automatic lowering systems and emergency stop buttons that prevent accidents from occurring if something goes wrong during the operation.

Noise Reduction

Diesel knuckle boom lift hire is designed to reduce noise in comparison to petrol-powered machines. This makes them ideal for use in residential areas, where noise is an important consideration.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system uses synthetic gear oil, which is more durable than mineral oils. This ensures that the machine will work smoothly throughout its life cycle. In addition, the power unit can be easily accessed for maintenance or repair work at any time during operation.

Versatile Use

This type of lift can be used for many different purposes, including lifting materials and transporting them from one place to another. Moreover, these machines are available in different sizes and shapes, which means that you can use them for many different purposes. They are also easy to maneuver around because of their smaller size and portability.

Projection Boom

The projection boom is part of the machine that extends from the base when it is lifted off the ground, which allows you to access areas that cannot be reached otherwise — like high places or hard-to-reach locations. The projection boom’s length varies depending on the model you choose; some models have longer projections than others.


The diesel knuckle boom lift hire can reach heights of up to 23 feet and has a maximum load capacity of 2 tons. This means that it’s ideal for lifting heavy materials such as pipes and scaffolding materials in construction projects. The knuckle boom lift also has an outrigger system, which means that it will remain stable even when lifting heavy loads off-centre or on uneven ground surfaces.

Controls & Comfort

The controls of the knuckle boom lift are simple and easy to use. The joystick control is mounted on the left side so it can be operated easily with your right hand. This makes it easy for one person to operate this type of machine. The controls have a safety lock feature that prevents accidental movement and can be disengaged by simply pushing a button.

Outrigger Technology

The outrigger technology is designed to ensure maximum stability when lifting heavy loads or working at height. This means that you do not have to worry about the safety of those operating the crane or whether they will be injured if they fall from it while working at height.

Energy Conservation Mode

The diesel knuckle boom lift hire has an energy conservation mode which means that you can save money on fuel costs and carbon emissions by reducing engine speed when not in use. This makes it more economical as well as environmentally friendly and helps reduce noise pollution too!

Key Takeaways:

If you own a professional business or are in charge of a building site and need to hire a boom lift for construction purposes, then Diesel is the only brand you should consider. The features of diesel knuckle boom lift hire do speak for themselves. To find out more about this popular product, feel free to check the above link!

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