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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne Prices


The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne Prices

Floor sanding and polishing is a popular technique that helps to revamp and add beauty to floors in residential and commercial spaces. If you’re living in Melbourne and considering the option, you’re probably wondering how much it costs. Understanding the factors that determine floor sanding and polishing Melbourne price can help you budget and make informed decisions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about floor sanding and polishing, Melbourne prices, and what affects them.

The Size of the Floor Space:

The size of the floor space is an essential factor that influences the floor sanding and polishing Melbourne price. Typically, service providers charge per square meter, so the cost of sanding and polishing a small area is lower than that of a larger space. For instance, if you’re sanding and polishing your bathroom, it will cost less compared to a large living room. Therefore, when preparing your budget, it’s crucial to measure the square meterage of your space to get a rough estimate of the expected costs.

The Condition of the Floor:

Another factor that affects sanding and polishing prices is the current condition of your floor. If your floor has been poorly maintained or it’s damaged, the service provider may have to do extra work and use more materials to remove the stains, scratches, and other defects. Therefore, expect to pay more for restoration work than for polishing a floor that’s in good condition.

Melbourne Floor sanding and polishing

The Type of Floor:

Different floors require different techniques, equipment, and products to sand and polish them effectively. For instance, polishing a hardwood floor is more technical and time-consuming than polishing a concrete floor. This means that the type of your floor can determine the costs of sanding and polishing. Whether you’re dealing with hardwood, laminate, or concrete floors, make sure you inquire about the costs and techniques to have an understanding of the service’s full scope.

The Level of Sanding and Polishing:

How much sanding and polishing do you want for your floor? Different levels of sanding and polishing affect the prices. For example, if you’re just refreshing the surface with a light polish and minimal sanding, these services will cost less. On the other hand, heavy-duty sanding and polishing involve multiple passes, removing layers of the finish, and refinishing the floor, making the prices significantly higher.

The Service Provider:

The last factor that affects the cost of floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne is the service provider. Different service providers have different pricing models, services, and levels of experience. When choosing a service provider, don’t base your decision solely on the price. Instead, consider reviews, referrals, certifications, and experience to ensure that you get high-quality work that’s worth your money.


Floor sanding and polishing can transform your floors and add elegance to your space. The costs of sanding and polishing in Melbourne vary depending on factors like the size of the floor space, the condition of the floor, the type of floor, the level of sanding and polishing, and the service provider. So ensure that you take these factors into account when budgeting and choosing a service provider to avoid surprises or getting ripped off. By understanding Melbourne floor sanding and polishing price, you can make informed decisions that will give your floors a new lease of life.

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