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The Essential Tools And Techniques Used By A Panel Beater

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The Essential Tools And Techniques Used By A Panel Beater

A panel beater repairs vehicle body panels. It’s a skilled job, requiring the use of expensive tools and equipment. North Shore panel beaters must have extensive knowledge about the materials they’re working with, as well as the different types of damage caused by impacts or collisions.

Additionally, they need to know how these impacts can affect each type of material in order to determine what kind of repair will work best on each individual situation. If you’re thinking about becoming a panel beater yourself—or if you just want some tips on how they work—read on!

Paint-spraying gun

A paint-spraying gun (also known as a spray gun) is used to apply paint or other liquids to a surface. The most common types of spray guns are airless and hot melt, but there are also other styles.

Airless: These use compressed air to force the material out of the tip, which gives you more control over how much comes out at once. They’re great for small projects like repainting furniture because they don’t splash too much material around and make it easy to get into tight spaces like corners or crevices between boards.

Hot melt: These use heated plastic pellets instead of liquid paint; this means that you don’t have to worry about getting any leftover residue on your piece after you’ve finished using it!

It also means that if something goes wrong with your piece later down the line (like if someone spills coffee on it), all those little pieces won’t start sticking together again like they would if everything were still wet from when we first painted them.

north shore panel beaters

Sheet metal sheers

Sheet metal sheers are a staple of the panel beater’s toolbox. They’re used to cut sheet metal, but they can also be used for cutting other materials like paper, plastic and even cardboard.

The most common type of sheer is called an “Olfa”, which is available in many different sizes and shapes (like long-handled ones). Some are made specifically to cut through thick materials more easily than others. For example: if you’re cutting out a hole in your car’s bumper so that you can fit another piece of metal behind it, then you’ll want something with sharp blades on both sides so that it cuts through thicker material more efficiently!

Welding machine

Electric arc welding: This is a process used to join two pieces of metal. The electric arc heats up the base metal and melts it, creating a joint between the two pieces.

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW): This method uses an electrical current to heat up both sides of the welded area at once, allowing for quicker cooling times than other methods.

It’s used mostly on thin materials like sheet metal or aluminum because it requires less heat input than other processes do; however, GTAW can also be used on thicker materials like steel if necessary–just keep in mind that this may make your welds weaker due to uneven cooling rates across different parts of your piece!


The panel-beating industry is a highly skilled one and requires many tools. These are just some of the essential ones that North Shore panel beaters should have in their workshop or vehicle.

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