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Parquet Flooring – When to use and how to look after?

Parquet Flooring

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Parquet Flooring – When to use and how to look after?

Besides looking good and stylish, parquet flooring comes with many advantages. But, when to install this flooring type is a relevant question. Before making any choice or deciding on any flooring material, it is always a good idea to consult with a flooring specialist. If you are looking at parquet, you should search the internet for a credible and trusted parquet floor expert and decide the way forward.

When and where does parquet flooring look good?

If you live in a place where wooden flooring is a viable option, you can consider the parquet type. Sometimes, you do not wish to do up the entire home with wood flooring and use it in specific rooms, like the master bedroom, the hallway, kitchen, etc. In such places, too, this is a viable option.

Natural wood, as we all are aware, is not moisture resistant. It can easily start to rot in places like the kitchen or the bathroom, where dampness, humidity, and water exposure are common features. Advanced technology offers respite in this context; it is often better to look at feasible options like engineered wood flooring. These flooring materials are manufactured with the enhanced capability to withstand environmental conditions like humidity, moisture, etc.

In this context, engineered parquet floorboards are a good option, especially for the climatic conditions in Australia. These floorboards contain multiple plywood layers wherein the plywood is well-equipped to resist atmospheric changes. Engineered parquet flooring looks good and is adaptable for use at places like

Also, your research to choose the right places in your home where you want parquet flooring. If the costs run higher than your budget, consider areas where you spend more time or entertain guests, like the living room.

Common types of parquet floorboards

Two common types are:

  1. Laminate Parquet Flooring: This parquet style looks almost like a genuine wood-panelled floor. The advantage is the cost. Additionally, there is a whole range of styles, tones, and textures available to pick from.
  2. Oak Parquet Flooring: This is a solid wood parquet flooring method where solid wood blocks are used for the flooring. In this case, oak is used that adds grace and charm to the floor. Many deep colour patterns with design schemes are possible. The other solid wood options are walnut, lime, cherry, and maple.

Laying parquet floor on your own vs. hiring experts

Parqueting needs technical knowledge and expertise. If you do not know the floor, it is best to go to an expert. If you are used to DIYing and love to do things on your own after watching YouTube videos, you can try laying the floor all by yourself. It is still advisable to have a specialist help you or guide you because many preparations are required before laying the floor. For example, the substrate must be dry and flat, absolutely moisture-free before laying. Next, you need to find a centre point to begin laying the blocks when you start work. Before gluing, it is crucial to check if all blocks fit the floor or not.

A specialist can do all of this in the finest possible manner, and you need to take no tension or stress.

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