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know how accurate your search traffic estimation

know how accurate your search traffic estimation


know how accurate your search traffic estimation

Estimating traffic is easy; knowing whether those numbers are accurate is quite another matter. SEO Company in Ahmedabad Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes made by website owners who want to know their search traffic estimation, and then learn how you can get more accurate data.

Analyse your traffic

The first step to improving your search traffic estimation is analysing the data you have. This can be divided into two categories:

The data you have: These are the numbers that are in front of you and easy to see, such as Google Analytics or other analytics tools, but also includes things like server logs and web server access logs. The key here is being able to read all this information correctly.

Analyse traffic

The data you don’t have: This could include things like internal user behaviour on specific pages/functions/products, search queries that didn’t lead to clicks (because they were typed incorrectly or otherwise), etc.

Knowing what types of information are missing from your analysis will shape how accurate your estimates end up being—after all, if there’s no way for Google Analytics to know how many times someone searches “how do I bake bread?”, then it’s impossible for them to calculate how much traffic came from those searches!

Understand the basics of data analysis

Understanding the basics of data analysis will help you make more educated decisions about your business and avoid costly mistakes.

Familiarize yourself with the terms:

Data is the raw material that is gathered or created when a user interacts with your site. For example, if someone performs a search on Google or Facebook, that’s considered data.

SEO Company in Ahmedabad

An algorithm is what helps process and understand the data you have collected in order to generate insights for you as an advertiser. It’s basically like a filter for all of your site’s activity so you can focus on what matters most to understanding how users interact with it—and then make adjustments based on those insights.

Strive for accuracy in your traffic estimates. It’s important for many reasons:

To understand the effectiveness of your efforts
To understand your ROI (return on investment)
To understand the impact of changes to your site


Make sure that yuo invest in the SEO Company in Ahmedabad to maintain good business and SEO. This will be the best way to achieve better results, and more success overall in your business. Hope you found the blog useful to analyse your links and traffic in the accurate way. If you have any suggestions and comment regarding website analysis, then feel free to comment your ideas.

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