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Is All on 4 Cost Effective Treatment than Traditional Dentures & Implants?


Is All on 4 Cost Effective Treatment than Traditional Dentures & Implants?

Are you tired of suffering from dental ache? Have you been seeking various treatment methods to fix the shape of your teeth or to fix the shape of your jaw? Do you desire to have perfectly shaped teeth that require minimum maintenance?

The solution for all of these problems and requirements is getting the all on 4 dental implants. Though other methods do exist to solve these problems, they are either limited or perhaps costlier and without similar long-lasting results.

Let’s take a look at all of these Dental Treatments to better learn about them and to recognize why the all on 4 treatment is more superior.


These are made from porcelain and other compounds and are placed on the oral cavity to replace the loss of missing teeth. While they are unsuitable for use in the case to replace a handful of missing teeth, people with absolute loss of teeth can wear them to restore their smile and to support their facial muscles.

They usually come in three types namely conventional, immediate, and over denture, and yet they are unable to match the comfort that you feel when you’ve instead gotten the typical implants.

Traditional Implants

This is one of the most ideal methods for teeth replacement and is also widely practiced by numerous dentists around the world. It is known to provide better comfort to the patient and serves to be a better long term solution only when these are maintained carefully.

Traditional Implants are useful for replacing missing teeth and are either placed into the jawbones or between the gum and the jaw depending on the requirement. This treatment is costly but it restores the smile and makes it less discomforting to the patient as it isn’t at risk of falling out or getting loose as easily as the dentures.

All on 4

This method for teeth replacement is somewhat different than that of fitting the traditional implants. Instead of fitting new crowns separately for each tooth, the All on 4 treatment relies on four implants which are connected to the jawbone wherein they’re fused by bone grafting if the bone density is weaker.

This treatment method is comparatively more reliable and is less discomforting than keeping dentures and even more cost-effective than traditional implants. The patients could have this treatment done within a day and avoid eating restrictions for only a shorter period of time.

A Comparison Between Dentures, Traditional Implants and The All on 4

All three treatment methods are quite common but there are several differences between them. To ascertain which is the best among them, they are classified as below:

Placement & Eligibility

The Dentures are affixed on the gums with the help of adhesive or cavity mechanics which can be removed easily when required whereas the All-on-4 is attached to the jawbone itself with four to six titanium implants.

Contrary to both these techniques, the traditional implants require eight to ten titanium implants and might also require bone grafting in several patients which naturally eliminates the ability to remove them.

Eating & Bone Loss

Both the All-on-4 implants and the traditional implants are manually  non-removable which makes it easier to eat various kinds of foods as there are super slim chances of them getting loose. The Dentures, on the other hand, require a patient to avoid eating certain types of food as it can cause the dentures to get loose easily while also continuing the bone decay which is minimal or absent in both the implant methods.

Appearance, Cleaning & Coverage

Both the traditional and All-on-4 implants resemble natural-looking teeth and support the facial muscles with the former having artificial gums hidden behind lips and the latter habiting the natural gums respectively.

The use of Dentures will over time not prevent the loss of bones which might cause the face to sag despite using acrylic plates which are replaced by titanium on the implant methods. The dentures also need to be removed for cleaning whereas the teeth from both types of implants can be cleaned with traditional brushing, flossing, etc.


Using the dentures will require a patient to get a new set of the same in five years or less as the shape of the gums changes over time. This isn’t true for the all-on-4 implant and the traditional implants because they’re set to the bone and last for more than a decade.


The Dentures are cheaper to get as one set (per jaw) could be available for anywhere between $400-$8,000, but the more ideal All-on-4 implants on both jaws will cost between $12,000 to $26,000. This is cheaper than that of getting the traditional implants because they require the sum between $20,000 to $46,000 to be paid while installation.

Final Words

If you want to prevent your teeth from infection and would like to replace the missing teeth then you should get the all on 4 cost effective treatment instead of Traditional Implants and Dentures. It will restore both smile and confidence after you relieve yourself from most dental troubles for a long-long time by getting the All no 4 Dental Implants.

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