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How To Tell If a Painter Adelaide Is Fake

Painter Adelaide


How To Tell If a Painter Adelaide Is Fake

You must have heard harrowing stories from clients that hired fake painters Adelaide. For this reason, we’ll reveal the surest tips of telling if a painter is genuine or otherwise. Apart from that, we’ll help you appreciate the significance of hiring a painting company as opposed to an individual painter.

The Surest way to identify a Fake Painter

You’ll be shocked to know that fake painters charge the same pay rate as genuine ones. Therefore, no client can afford to make a blunder of hiring such a painter for painting services. Here are some secrets to identifying a painting crook.

  • Has no work permit: more often than not, government agencies only give a license to a deserving painter. For this reason, no fake painter can produce this document to their clients. We advise clients to demand this document before selecting the right painter.
  • Has no customer reviews: ordinarily, both genuine and bogus painters have websites. The only difference is that the latter have no customer ratings. Therefore, it’s difficult for clients to gauge their services.
  • He or she lacks a sense of commitment: it’s not surprising that bogus painters do not commit themselves. Remember that such people lack confidence in their services. For this reason, they try not to commit themselves to a given deadline.
  • Has no painting tools: technically, genuine painters have all the necessary painting tools such as a ladder and an apron.On the other hand, fake painters do not invest in such tools for apparent reasons.
  • Have no certification: a certified painter must have pursued a painting course and passed. On the other hand, fake painters have no certificate hence can’t prove they’ve ever attended a painting class.

Why Experts Recommend You Hire a Painting Company

These days, painting consultants advise their clients to consider a firm over an individual. The following are persuasive reasons for this:

  • To save time: the beauty of hiring a painting company is that they stick to the deadline. Remember that such firms have multiple professional painters working for them. Apart from that, they save you the time you’d have spent roaming as you search for the right painter.
  • To get quality painting services: more often than not, painting firms do not settle for less for whatever reason. As mentioned above, they hire experienced painters to work for them.
  • To save money: ordinarily, these companies do not charge too much for their services. Apart from that, they clean up everything for you after the project. Therefore, a client will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.
  • Strict adherence to the set timelines: clients detest uncommitted painters as they may let them down. That explains why painting consultants advise you to consider a painting firm instead.
  • To avoid financial responsibility: clients must always recall that painting can be highly risky. For this reason, it makes sense to hire a painting company as the painters have an insurance cover. Thus, a client is not financially responsible if any of the painters sustains an injury.

Are there Benefits of Seeking Painting Services?

Let’s admit it, some people are against seeking painting services for various reasons. The reality is that it always pays off to hire a painting expert. Below are some of the undebatable pros of seeking professional painting services.

  • Boosts a property’s aesthetic value: most people seek these services to make their houses or commercial properties more attractive. However, this will only happen if you hire the right painting expert for the job.
  • Saves you time: the reality is that painting can be time-consuming. For this reason, clients who seek these services can focus on other work.
  • May save your life: if you’ve hired a professional painter, you must have realized that they have safety equipment. Therefore, it’s dangerous for a homeowner to paint the house for themselves.

In conclusion, you can agree that professional painters Adelaide enable clients to get value for money. The downside is that they may charge a high fee of $18 per hour. You won’t believe that a painting company can save as low as $250.

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