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How Do You Prep a Floor For Sanding and Polishing?

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How Do You Prep a Floor For Sanding and Polishing?

Are you ready to get started on your home Flooring Adelaide improvement project? If so, then you’ll need to prepare the floor for sanding and polishing. While the steps may seem simple (clear furniture, remove unsealed food), there are a few things that can cause problems when working with hardwood floors. So, let’s go over how to prep your floor for sanding and polishing:

Clear all furniture

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure that your Flooring Adelaide is clear. Remove all furniture from the room and remove all items from underneath the floor. Also, be sure to remove any decorative items that aren’t attached to the floor. 

This includes rugs and runners, throw pillows and blankets. If you have any unsealed foods in the room (such as candy or bread), make sure to remove them as well. You don’t want to accidentally eat any of these items while sanding your floor!

Check for staples, tacks and smooth edges

The first step in preparing a floor for sanding and Floor Polishing is to check for staples, tacks and smooth edges. You can check the entire floor by walking across it with your eyes closed and touching any areas that feel bumpy or damaged. 

If you find staples, tacks or other damage on your wooden floors, then it’s best not to fix this yourself because you might end up causing more damage than what you were trying to repair in the first place!

The second thing is checking for smooth edges so that there are no jagged edges left behind when using buffers like these ones:

Flooring Adelaide

Remove or cover items underneath the house

Once you’ve removed all of the items from your floor, it’s time to cover them with plastic wrap or tape. This will keep dust and dirt away from your newly polished surface while you sand and polish. 

If you’re working on a concrete floor, you’ll want to use newspaper instead of plastic wrap—it’s much easier for this purpose because it can be easily cleaned up after using the floor cleaner.

If there are any large objects that cannot be covered (such as furniture), it might be worth considering covering them with a tarp instead of leaving them out in plain sight during this process; however, if there are no problems, then leaving these things out isn’t necessary at all!

Remove unsealed food

Once the floor is clean, it’s time to remove any food or liquids that have sat on the floor for too long. Use a clean cloth and wipe off any excess moisture from your floor; if you’re unsure whether there are any spots where moisture may be lurking, use a damp towel instead of a dry one.

After you’ve finished wiping down your floors, let them dry completely before moving on with other prep steps.


When you are ready to sand and polish your Flooring Adelaide, you should do so in a separate area from where the rest of the home is being worked on. 

This way, no dust will get on anything else in your house, and it can be cleaned easily afterwards with an activated carbon filter for particle removal.

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