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5 Ways Custom Builders Create Contemporary Country Homes with Unique Designs

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5 Ways Custom Builders Create Contemporary Country Homes with Unique Designs

If you’re looking for a country home with a modern twist, Custom Builders Melbourne create contemporary country homes that stand out from the crowd. Contemporary country homes combine classically cosy elements like wood and stone features with modern accents like bold designs and high-end materials. Here are five ways you can get your own custom country home!

1. Floor Plans:

One of the great things about working with Custom Builders Melbourne is that they will help you design a floor plan that suits your exact needs. Whether you need more room for entertaining friends or just want to make sure every inch of your space is maximized, custom builders can help you design the perfect layout. They can also incorporate unique elements such as skylights and vaulted ceilings to give your home an extra special touch.

2. Exterior Design:

The exterior of your new home should match the interior in both style and function. Custom builders have experience creating beautiful exteriors that combine aspects of traditional country homes with contemporary trends like metal siding, stonework, and glass accents. They can also add decks and patios to create additional outdoor living spaces for you to enjoy year-round.

Custom Builders Melbourne

3. Finishes & Fixtures:

Finishes and fixtures are important components of any home, but they become even more crucial when it comes to a contemporary country home design. Custom builders bentleigh know how to select finishes and fixtures that bring together the modern elements of the house with classic country touches like wood or stone countertops or rustic light fixtures. This attention to detail ensures that every inch of your new home looks amazing inside and out!

4. Eco-Friendly Features:

Many people overlook eco-friendly features when building their dream homes, but these features are essential if you want to reduce your environmental footprint while still enjoying all the perks of modern living! Fortunately, custom builders have plenty of experience incorporating eco-friendly features into their designs, including solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, energy efficiency windows, and much more!

5. Smart Home Technology:

Smart technology has made it possible for homeowners to control almost every aspect of their homes right from their smartphones or tablets. With smart thermostats, lighting systems, security cameras, voice assistants, and more, there’s no limit to what you can do with your new contemporary country home! Custom Builders Melbourne understand how important this technology is in today’s world so they make sure all their homes come equipped with the latest tech gadgets available on the market today!

Custom builders create one-of-a-kind contemporary country homes that truly stand out from the crowd! From unique floor plans and stylish exteriors down to finishes & fixtures and smart tech features – these experienced professionals have everything it takes to bring your dream home into reality! So if you’re looking for a way to make your mark on the world while enjoying all the perks of modern living – look no further than custom built contemporary country homes!

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