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5 Things To Pay Attention To Before Building A Home

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5 Things To Pay Attention To Before Building A Home

Every person harbours the desire to own a home that they have designed themselves.

So, if you are planning on hiring some builders Ivanhoe-wide who can give shape to the dream that has been in your eyes for years, make sure you refrain from making the following five mistakes.

#1: Not considering the plot before finalising the design

It is normal to dream and fantasise about how your dream house should look and feel.

Many people have complete plans ready for their homes even before acquiring any means to achieve them.

But the reality may be a bit different. Your design may be perfect, but not for the area where you wish to build it.

So, it’s good to have a basic idea but leave the design finalising to the builders Ivanhoe you will hire.

best custom builders melbourne will consider your desires, plan according to your wishes, and present you with your dream house.

A design that matches the lot environment will add to your home’s appeal.

#2: Not Prioritising Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an area that most people consider seriously before relaxing on it due to the cost constraints.

People may be cautious about energy wastage, but when it comes to choosing between an energy-efficient upgrade or granite countertops, we all know where the majority falls.

People need to realise that though the initial cost of energy upgrades may be higher, they provide an excellent ROI in the future.

There are also cost-effective ways to achieve an energy-efficient environment, such as adding rigid foam to the exteriors of your home.

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#3: Not Enough Inflow Of Natural Light

There can be no debate on the necessity of natural light flowing into the house.

A house with big windows brings happiness and brightness into the life of inhabitants.

But it would help if you also considered the environment around your plot before finalising the house design, like having a big window or a few small ones.

#4: Not Planning Enough Space For Storage

Storage space often gets overlooked during the designing stage, which has future repercussions when you start living there.

The fact remains that having enough storage space makes the place look uncluttered.

So how can you ensure enough storage in a home or maximise your storage?

  • Make the main entry closets bigger than you think you’ll need.
  • Add coat hooks on the wall or in the closets.
  • Add some shelves in the basement and the garage for storing seasonal items.
  • Pantries: either incorporate a pantry into the cabinetry for dry food storage or build a pantry somewhere close to the kitchen.

#5: Not Planning With The Future In Mind

We all have a pretty good idea about what we want right now, but it is always good to plan foreseeing at least 8-10 years in the future.

We may not be sure about the future, but we can always plan according to what we see.


Builders Ivanhoe will aid you in getting your dream home, but it is your dream home, and you need to be cautious while planning for it and executing the plan.

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