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5 Important Things you should consider for Office Catering

Office Catering Melbourne


5 Important Things you should consider for Office Catering

Whether your company is small or big, a small mistake can lead you to pay a lot more when it comes to office catering in Melbourne.

From annual parties to Christmas party, one should be careful while hiring a caterer.

We are here with the most important aspects that you should never miss out while hiring a caterer.

Let’s get to know!

Event Purpose

Before you get the party hype on, it’s crucial to know the purpose of your party. Whether, it’s an annual party, appreciation party, or something else. You can choose the food according to that. You can also get an idea of the type of decoration you want for the party by finding its purpose. Moreover, you can even organize a theme party for your employees.

Party Budget

One of the most common yet important factors to consider is the budget. Everything comes after deciding on how much amount you want to organise everything in your event. One simply can’t go for the luxury cuisines if the budget is low. Or having a big budget but spending it wrongly is also a problem in commercial areas. Just make a list of everything with the respective amount. Calculate the total and see if it suits your budget. You can even ask the professionals for help by telling them your budget and a customised menu. Your budget must be maintained throughout the party.

Party Location

Of course, your party location matters. You can’t look for a caterer who is far away from your location. If your party is not in your office but somewhere else, reach out the nearby caterers of that location. This way you will cut the extra delivery cost and your food will be fresh. Besides, if anything goes south (such as missing items), you will be able to call the contractor and ask for resolving the problem. So pick a caterer near to your party location.

Various Food & Beverages Option

Everybody is expecting the scrumptious food from their office party. You can’t just serve only a few dishes and expect your employees to be happy. Therefore, take a deep look at the menu of your caterer and pick the affordable yet delicious dishes. You can even ask the chef for their speciality.

In the same way, shortlist the beverages you want. Whether or not you want an alcoholic or non-alcoholic party, choosing the right beverages is a must. Some people don’t drink alcohol and for them, you should arrange a fine collection of mock-tail or juices.

The major focus everyone will be having is on food and beverages. So, choose the best but under-budget items.

Space Décor

One can’t afford to organize a party with a poor décor. Do you want to keep the décor simple or want some backdrops and photo booths as well? If it’s a theme party, pop-out colours will look the best. If you want an elegant look, go for pastels. So consider whatever is necessary for your décor.

Final words…

This guide will lead you to an event where everything will be perfect and your employees will have the best time of their lives. So get in touch with a reliable and pocket-friendly corporate & Personal Catering Melbourne.

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