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4 Unknown Facts About Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies

Labour Hire recruitment Agencies


4 Unknown Facts About Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies

If you’ve ever hired staff through a Labour Hire recruitment Agencies Melbourne, you’re likely aware of the benefits.

Labour hire agencies can help businesses fill gaps in staffing in an affordable and efficient way—but there are still some things about them that most people don’t know. In this post, we’ll explore five facts about labour hire recruitment agencies that might surprise even experienced HR professionals.

  • Two-Way Service

  • Labour Hire Recruitment Agencies offer a two-way service. This means that not only will they help you find the right candidate for your role, but also help your candidate find the right role for them.
  • Labour hire recruitment agencies rely on word of mouth to grow their business and build relationships with clients. They often have access to new talent as a result of referrals from existing clients or candidates within their network.

Labour hire recruitment agencies can be a great source of new talent. They have access to candidates from all walks of life and are often able to source candidates that would otherwise be difficult for you to find. If you’re looking for the perfect candidate, then consider using a Labour hire recruitment agency.

Labour Hire recruitment Agencies

  • Registration Process

The registration process requires you to submit a copy of your driver’s license, passport and proof of address. In addition, you will need to provide details about your experience as a driver and knowledge of the area in which you operate. You will also be required to complete an English proficiency test if English is not your first language.

The cost for registration varies from agency to agency but it will typically be around $75-100 depending on whether or not you are required to pay for any tests upfront. If so, this fee will usually come out of your first paycheck or be deducted from subsequent paychecks until paid off by yourself or the company that hired you through the labour hire service (whoever is paying).

  • The Recruitment Agency Manages Everything

  • The recruitment agency will handle all the paperwork. This includes sending you an employment contract, setting up payroll and superannuation, and processing your tax payments.
  • The recruitment agency will handle all the interviews. They’ll arrange for you to meet with potential employers and help you with your interview skills before the big day.
  • The recruitment agency will take care of all the background checks that need to be done on potential new hires, including criminal records checks and credit checks.
  • The recruitment agency will take care of any medical tests that are required for candidates under certain industries (e.g., health or childcare workers).
  • Labour Hire Agency Promote Company Brand Name

  • You can promote your company brand name.
  • You can promote your company culture.
  • You can promote your company values.
  • You can promote your company mission statement.
  • You can promote your company vision statement


We hope that you’ve found this article useful and interesting. If you’re looking for Labour Hire recruitment Agencies Melbourne to help you with your hiring needs, then contact an expert now.

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