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3 Main Trends In Keyword Research that You Must Follow

Trends In Keyword Research


3 Main Trends In Keyword Research that You Must Follow

The keyword research landscape is changing and your strategies must change to match. Google Hummingbird shaped keyword research, voice search influenced keywords, and the rise of long-tail keywords are all trends that SEOs must embrace in order to stay competitive. If you run an SEO Company in Brisbane, then this blog is for you!

  • Google Hummingbird shaped keyword research

Hummingbird-shaped keyword research is a new way to look at keywords. It’s not about the number of searches, but rather the intent of the searcher. Hummingbird-shaped keyword research is focused on understanding what a searcher wants, rather than just what they type into Google. It takes into account who they are and where they came from when looking for information in order to surface better results that answer their needs more accurately.

  • Voice search influenced keywords

Voice search is changing how we research keywords. Though it’s not quite here, voice search is already influencing keyword research in three ways.

First, voice search has changed the way users interact with a brand, product, or service. There are more than 100 billion voice searches per month, making this a major trend that you need to embrace if you want to stay competitive in 2019.

Second, voice search is changing user intent and how people find information on the web. The way people speak and ask questions has changed drastically over the last two years—and will continue doing so for decades to come! In fact, many new searches take place on home speakers instead of desktops or phones due to their convenience factor alone (not having your hands tied up holding something while asking questions).

  • The rise of long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are very specific and can be very lucrative for SEO. They’re also more difficult to rank for, but can be a great way to get traffic to your website. The reason long-tail keywords are so valuable is that they’re often searched for more frequently than high-volume terms like “dentist” or “solar panels”. This means that you’ll have a higher conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who purchase) when someone searches those terms on Google!

The best way to find long-tail keywords is by using the Google Keyword Planner Tool. This tool allows you to enter what keyword you’d like related to your business and then shows you some suggestions based on common search frequency and difficulty level of ranking on page one (this is also known as SERP).

Keyword research has changed and your strategies must change to match the new keyword landscape. Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO and content marketing. In fact, it’s so important that Google has dedicated an entire section on its website to understanding and optimizing your site for search engines.

However, many people don’t realize how much keyword research has changed over time.


The takeaway here is that keyword research has changed, and your strategies need to change with it. Hope you found the above information useful to understand the keyword research trends and implement them for your SEO Company in Brisbane.

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